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Our Team, was created at Harvard University's Innovation Lab as, with a mission to improve and modernize consumer's access to legal assistance. It was structured to form an easy and comfortable conduit for consumers and attorneys to connect. allows users to intelligently search an expanding database of local attorneys and seamlessly schedule consultations without incurring a fee of any type. Simply stated, facilitates a way for consumers and attorneys to connect via the Internet in a fast, easy, and secure process. Once you enter your location and legal issue/problem, you can instantly book an appointment with a lawyer near you who has expertise in the area of your concern. Each attorney’s profile page includes biographic information, reviews, information on fees, and more. This allows for the most optimum matching of clients with the properly qualified attorney.

Our Goals

Our goals are ambitious as the legal profession has traditionally been more reluctant than other professions in adopting new and modern technology. However, we believe that the solution is here at and utilizing this technological modernization will become the rule and not the exception.

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